None Of These 11 Highest-Paying Jobs Needs You To Go To A College

3 years ago



Needless to say, if you want to get a higher education, you should be ready to sacrifice your time and money. However, not all the cool jobs require a college education. Today, the Typical Student team will name you 11 highest-paying jobs and none of them need you to go to a college.


#1 Air Traffic Controllers





Annual pay: $122,000 annually


#2 Radiation Therapists

Annual pay: $97,000


#3 Nuclear Power Reactor Technicians

Annual pay: $93,000


#4 Law Enforcement Detectives





Annual pay: $80,000


#5 Elevator Installers and Repair Technicians

Annual pay: $80,000


#6 Commercial Pilots

Annual pay: $80,000


#7 Electronics Repair Professionals





Annual pay: $78,400.

#8 Postmasters and Mail Superintendents

Annual pay: $75,000


#9 Train and Track Switch Repairers

Annual pay: $68,400


#10 Petroleum Pump Operator





Annual pay: $67,000


#11 Subway Operator

Annual pay: $66,420



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