TOP 15 Companies Where Students Can Work Without College Degree (CURRENT OPENINGS LIST)

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We got used to thinking that any worthy job requires a college degree. However, statistics show that almost 20% of successful US companies do hire workers without four-year degrees. Among them are such big fishes as Google and Apple.

In 2018, experience and skills matter and matter a lot. So, what are the other famous companies you can work at without having a college or university degree? In this post, the Typical Student team selected 15 top corporations. None of them requires you to went to college.


#1 Google


Company rating on 5-point scale: 4,4

Hiring locations: Austin, TX; Mountain View, CA; San Francisco, CA

Current openings: product manager, product marketing manager, recruiter, and software engineer.


#2 Hilton


Company rating on 5-point scale: 4

Hiring locations: Indianapolis, IN; Napa, CA; San Rafael, CA

Current openings: housekeeper, event manager, hotel manager, and front office manager


#3 Apple


Company rating on 5-point scale: 4

Hiring locations: Austin, TX; Santa Clara, CA; Las Vegas, NV

Current openings: iPhone buyer, engineering project manager, design verification engineer,


#4 Ernst & Young


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,7

Hiring locations: Boston, MA; San Francisco, CA; Alpharetta, GA

Current openings: risk advisor, assurance services senior, tax services senior, and experience management manager.


#5 Whole Foods


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,5

Hiring locations: Petaluma, CA; Napa, CA; Tigard, OR

Current openings: cashier, grocery team member, whole body team member, and bakery team member.


#6 Starbucks


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,8

Hiring locations: Compton, CA; San Francisco, CA; Dublin, GA

Current openings: store manager, shift supervisor, and barista


#7 Bank of America


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,5

Hiring locations: Wilmington, DE; Tulsa, OK; New York, NY

Current openings: client associate, client service representative, executive assistant, and analyst.


#8 Publix


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,7

Hiring locations: Atlanta, GA; Lakeland, FL; Deerfield Beach, FL

Current openings: retail set-up coordinator, job fair, pharmacist, and maintenance technician


#9 Costco Wholesale


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,9

Hiring locations: Kalamazoo, MI; Baton Rouge, LA; Vallejo, CA

Current openings: bakery wrapper, cashier, pharmacy sales assistant, and stocker


#10 Nordstrom


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,6

Hiring locations: Scottdale, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Phoenix, AZ


#11 IBM


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,4

Hiring locations: Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; Raleigh-Durham, NC;

Current openings: contract and negotiations professional, financial blockchain engineer, and lead recruiter


#12 Lowe’s


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,3

Hiring locations: Omaha, NE; Westborough, MA; Mooresville, NC

Current openings: commercial sales loader, plumbing associate, lumber associate


#13 Chipotle


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3.4

Hiring locations: Pleasant Hill, CA; Woburn, MA; Sandy, UT

Current openings: kitchen manager, district manager, service manager


#14 Home Deport


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,5

Hiring locations: South Plainfield, NJ; Colonial Heights, VA; San Diego, CA

Current openings: store support, department supervisor, and customer service sales


#15 Penguin Random House


Company rating on 5-point scale: 3,8

Hiring locations: Colorado Springs, CO; New York, NY; London, England;

Current openings: senior manager of finance, marketing designer, production assistant, and publicity assistant

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