17 RELATABLE Memes for Students Working in Retail

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As a rule, student loans do not disappear into nothingness after the graduation. That is why most of the students have to combine their studying and work in order to pay out their loans and to simply have some money for surviving. As a matter of fact, summer break is the perfectly right time for finding a summer job and earning some money. Besides, a lot of college students tend to continue working during the college years. However, what are the common student part-time and sometimes full-time jobs? Well, if you are not a professional yet, the selection of jobs for you is not really wide.

Most students work as waiters or waitresses, sales assistants, camp counselors, and as other, pretty often low paid, workers. It is a fact that a huge number of college students work in retail, where the jobs are actually quite stressful and tiring. However, no matter how exhausting your summer job in retail can be, there always will be something nice about this summer job. So the Typical Student team prepared for you the list of 17 relatable memes for students working in retail. It will make laugh every student who worked or who is currently working in retail. Have fun!

#1 This is literally how busy hours in your store look like, isn’t it?


#2 When you are messed up after the craziness during the busy hours at your store, the last thing on Earth you want is dealing with those ‘funny’ customers.


#3 Why do they always do that? Why don’t they respect our hard work?


#4 This is always so awkward as if you are some kind of their servant, isn’t it?


#5 Or when your shifts are finally over and you can go home at last.


#6 The most important in this situation is do not stop and do not look back.


#7 And I would like you to get out of this store, please. Now.


#8 Are they blind or something? Or maybe is it some sort of elaborated way to offend you?


#9 Yeah, that happens 350 times a shift.


#10 Well, everybody makes mistakes, especially when such cunning customers are trying to trick you, but it’s funny though.


#11 Oh, this marvelous feeling when you finally can stop smiling to people you don’t actually like just because your manager will sack you if you don’t have a fake smile on your face.


#12 Annoying, isn’t it? Especially when math is not really one of your strong points.


#13 Well, unfortunately, this kind of job is thankless indeed.


#14 And it feels like it’s been at least 1000 years, isn’t it?


#15 Sometimes it seems like those customers only pretend that they don’t know that something costs extra and hope that they actually will get it for free.


#16 You can spend the whole working day without any customers, but you should never doubt that someone will come 10 minutes before the closure.


#17 LOL, such a casual situation, isn’t it?


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