EASY MONEY: 3 Job Offers For Students To Earn A Pretty Penny Right Now

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If you're looking for some easy money, the Typical Student team has collected a bunch of offers that may get you extremely interested. Previously, we told you how students can earn money binge-watching Game Of Thrones and how to become traveling family photographer for £80K. Now, let's see more of insane job offers:

#1 Become Creme Eggs hunter for £45/hour



UK citizens have a chance of earning a pretty penny if they find the white chocolate egg. The Cadbury Creme Egg Hunter service is ready to pay £45/hour if you hunt for white Creme Eggs. The Cadbury Creme Egg hunt will end on Easter, April 21, at 11:59pm. If you happen to be among the lucky ones,  hurry up to claim your prize before May 21. The pricing policy for the egg hunting service is expected to start at £45/hour on sites like Bark.com.

Mind you, the professional hunter might need to travel to a bunch of supermarkets in their local area or elsewhere in the UK. Customers arerequired to answer specific questions about the detils of their hunter's work. However, don't get your hopes high as Cadbury has circulated 872 white eggs in total to accompany their milk chocolate Creme Eggs. Check out the number of eggs with each prize fund in circulation:

  • 9 x £10,000 white chocolate eggs
  • 22 x £1,000 white chocolate eggs
  • 66 x £100 white chocolate eggs
  • 700 x £50 white chocolate eggs
  • 75 x £10 white chocolate eggs


#2 Fortnite, FIFA tutor for £40/hour




As we told you previously, you can become a fortnite tutor for up to $50 per hour. As told by SaveTheStudent, an online tutoring agency is now looking for "tutors to teach kids English, maths and languages while you're both playing video games like Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty." Tutors can work both remotely and in person, getting paid £30/hour and £40/hour, respectively. All it takes is to submit your CV through Tutor House


#3 Selling empty toilet rolls




No, it's not a joke! Believe it or not, eBay sellers make about 10p per empty toilet tube. For instance, one seller offered a box of 800 tubes for £48.00 plus £22.00 P&P! People with experience in toilet roll sales, however, don't recommend making the P&P too high. Adding postage costs into the declared price, you can offer the delivery for free, which is a relatively better option. 






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