Want to Change Your Field of Expertise? Here's 3 Helpful Tips to Consider Before Shifting Your Career 360°

2 years ago



Work has the overwhelming ability to bring you down and make people quit because they’re burned out. On the other hand, there are other people who choose to change career paths in hopes of a brighter future. This can seem like a daunting step to take in life, especially if you’re one who’s been working at one job for years. But if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and starting a new chapter in your life, then there are some tips you need to consider first. Below are 3 helpful tips to consider before shifting careers. 


Figure out Why You Want a Change 

Before you jump ship, ask yourself this: Why am I making this change? You need to be able to answer why you’re making this shift and if you really need it. Many people change careers due to the amount of stress they might face, while others realize that this wasn’t their passion after all. Whatever your reason for it, be sure that it’s the right one so your risk won’t be a failure. You need to be aware of the fact that you might actually need to climb the ladder from the start… again. Set realistic expectations and goals so you won’t be disappointed; if you’re ready, then everything will go smoothly. 

Whatever reasons they may be, be sure to answer these questions below: 

1. Cover the Basics: Can you afford this change? 





First things first, will you be able to afford such a step? You need to reevaluate your finances and make sure that this career shift won’t leave a dent in your savings or leave you in debt. Consider what this change will do in terms of your retirement plan, your kids’ college fund, and your current financial obligations and make sure nothing will be affected. If it will, then be sure your family is ready for the temporary financial drop till you’re back on your feet again. 


2. Identify Your Skills: Do you need new ones? 

Reevaluate your skills and experience, would any of them be helpful in your new career/job? If not, then consider what kind of skills you need to learn so you can excel at your new job. It’s never too late to change careers or learn a new skill. There are times when you would need to get a diploma or degree in your new field, especially if it’s a new one entirely. Let’s say that midway through your career path you decided to help people and make the shift to healthcare or nursing, there are many licensed practical nursing programs that don’t require you to have a medical background as you’ll learn everything you need through their course. Other fields might require you some background or a degree, so be sure you know which courses or diplomas to take before you pursue this field. 


3. Make a Plan: How will you transition? 

Technically speaking, you need to make a realistic plan to make sure you make a smooth and successful transition. You need to update your resume and be sure to write a cover letter that explains your career change. Use your network and connections to help you out or aim at building a new set of connections before you even think about transitioning careers. Prepare for job interviews and the type of questions they’ll ask someone making a career shift. Make sure the time you have between your old role and new one is enough for a vacation break; it’s always necessary to unwind before getting back in the grind again. Above all, make sure you’re also mentally prepared; if you were changing careers because the old one got too stressful for you, then make sure that your new one will reduce your anxiety levels. You don’t want to repeat old patterns. 





Take the Leap 

Taking this huge leap will require a bit of patience, tolerance, and acceptance of whatever may come your way. It will also require endless research on your new career path. Changing careers is a calling that only comes to those who are fed up with their current situation and are brave enough to pursue new things; it’s never a bad thing, and it’s never too late as long as you have your plan ready. 



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