4 Ways to Earn Money Online for Students

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College is expensive that is why most of the students have to combine their studying and work. However, it is really hard to manage your time when you have to work and study, not to mention how tiring it is. Besides, skipping your classes in order to earn some money to actually pay for those classes sounds a bit ridiculous. That is why nowadays more and more college students prefer working online. The reasons for such a big popularity of online jobs are pretty simple.

First of all, online jobs are well-paid. Secondly, those jobs are usually not time-consuming, so you can perfectly manage your working, studying, and free time. And finally, making money online is pretty easy. So what are the most popular online jobs for students and how to find them? The Typical Student prepared 4 easy ways to earn money online for you.

#1 Professional wingman/wingwoman


It is not actually an online job, but in order to find this job, you have to use a professional wingman online service. So basically what are you going to do in this position is helping people to find their love. That means that your professional duty will be accompanying your clients on their nights out and introducing them to the potential romantic matches. Besides, an average wingman’s pay is $35-40 per hour. So if you are a confident person who can give a dating advice, do not hesitate and sign up to become a professional wingman or wingwoman.

#2 Professional social media stalker


Well, everybody at least once tried to find as much as possible personal information about a potential boyfriend or girlfriend via social media accounts. So there is no need to say that social media stalking is a pretty popular service. Professional social media stalkers aim to help people who use dating apps to verify their matches. The average pay for a complete report on a person can vary, but on average it’s around $25-30. So if you are a social media God and can quickly and easily find information about a particular person, this job is perfect for you.

#3 Photographer 


Another job which is not actually an online one. However, you can be a photographer and sell your photos online. So if you like taking fancy pics or your obsession is photography you can sell your masterpieces through stock sites. Depending on where your photos were used you can earn from $20 to $500 for a single photo. Dreamstime, Picfair, and Alamy are among the most popular stock sites where you can sell your pics.

#4 Drug trials


All right, this one is probably the most extreme way to make money. However, you can earn more than $100 a day participating in a clinical trial. Though you have to be healthy and over 18 if you want to take part in a drug trial. Moreover, you must remember that there will always be risks to your health or even life. However, if you still want to participate in a clinical trial visit the Covance official website or use Trials4us.

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