5 Reasons Studying a Language Can Boost Your Career Prospects

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The thought of learning another language might bring back memories of your boring high school French class. Your teacher was positively prehistoric and the textbooks were dull, grey, and dusty. It wasn’t a great time. And now you can barely remember how to introduce yourself en français...

Cast those flashbacks aside - studying another language can do wonderful things for your career prospects! Becoming bilingual or multilingual is a sure-fire way to get one step ahead of the rat race, helping you to set yourself apart from the crowd.

So, take your pick of textbooks, tutors, or some of the best language learning apps on offer, and spend some time brushing up on your language skills. Your future self will thank you for it!


1. A wide open net

Ever read a job listing that has “Must speak [insert language]” under the role requirements? You’ve probably sighed and scored another job you’re not qualified for off of your list.

When you can speak a foreign language, it really widens your employment opportunities. In all industries, more and more employers are demanding prospective employees to have diverse language skills. Being able to speak at least one other foreign language will make your application stand out.

Speaking another language might qualify you for roles in sectors that you didn’t previously think of. If you’re very fluent, you could get easily re-train as a translator, even if you studied chemistry at college!


You won’t be restricted to working in a business that speaks your native language either. You can look for positions all over the globe, where your native and foreign language knowledge combo will serve you very well. The world will be your oyster!


2. You’re hired!



Not only will you be able to apply for a wider range of jobs, your chances of being called in for an interview and being offered the position will increase too!

Even if fluency in another language wasn’t a precondition for the role, it can still boost your chances of being hired. It acts as a point of distinction, separating you from the other candidates.

Learning another language shows initiative, standing as concrete evidence of your hard-working ethic! Employers will be drawn to you as they’ll be able to see a wealth of potential to tap in to.

You’ll be seen as more qualified than many monolingual applicants which will give you the competitive edge when employers deliberate after their interviewing rounds.



3. Show me the money


Euro London, a language specialist recruitment agency, found that if you can speak another language, you could command an extra 10 to 15% on top of your regular wage. That’s crazy!

The time and money you have to invest in learning a language will be far outstripped by your increased earning potential.


Being bilingual or multilingual means you’ll be classed as a more skilled worker who can bring unique value to your place of work, so you should command a salary in line with this.


4. Climb that ladder




Learning another language is a logical step to take if you want to increase your chances of promotion.

Particularly in companies that operate on an international level, employers higher up the employment rungs are often expected to liaise with clients across the globe. To do their job effectively, they need to have sharp foreign language skills.


If you are bilingual, you could sink your teeth into these positions with ease. You wouldn’t need to take additional language courses to qualify you for the role, so you’ll be an obvious choice for promotion when the opportunity arises.


5. Clearer communication


The process of learning a new language sharpens your mind. It forces you to think deeply about sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar. This focus will transfer itself to your approach to speaking your native language, meaning you’ll be able to communicate better in your mother tongue by default!

This approach to language will allow you to communicate far more clearly with both domestic and international employees and clients.


Through learning another language, you dip your toes into other cultures. This deepened understanding of foreign lifestyles, customs, and etiquette will be invaluable if you meet with foreign clients. You’ll understand their expectations of your interaction so you’ll be able to avoid making a faux pas that could cost the company business!


Start shaping your future career

These are just some of the reasons why learning another language is a great choice to make to help you in your future career.

You’ll be more qualified and respected, and you’ll be able to attract more attention from employers who are flooded with applications. Moving up the corporate ladder will be a breeze and your wallet will be very happy!

By investing a little bit of time everyday into learning a foreign language, you can be fluent in no time, setting yourself up for major future career success.


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