5 Tips On How To Get Your Entry-Level Resume Noticed

2 years ago



Resume is a key factor in getting a decent and well-paid job. However, how do you make a great resume that will guarantee you the job of your dreams? Job expert, Jackie Ducci, shared 5 ultimate tips on how to make your entry resume outstanding. 


#1 Show instead of telling



This means that instead of telling how great you are and how many qualifications and skills you have you should provide some examples of actually using those skills. In other words, instead of telling, “I have great leadership skills” list all student organizations you ran in college. This very thing concerns every skill you would like to point out in your resume, so do not tell that you have particular skills, prove that you have them.


#2 Make a clear objective statement

Your objective is, in most cases, the first thing a hiring manager would look at, so make sure that it is clear and accurate. That being said, if you are applying for a manager position, do not write in your objective that you would like to do administrative work. Make sure that your objective corresponds to the position you apply for, in other cases a hiring manager would think, “Why would I hire them for a manager position if this person wants to be an admin?”


#3 Location matters

While you are looking for a job, try applying for the positions that are in your area. Hiring managers know that their employees who live far from the office will eventually get sick of driving huge distances every day and find a job closer to their home. Obviously, nobody needs an employee who will work for them just a couple of months. So if you are not planning on moving to apply for the jobs in your area. 


#4 Focus on your work rather than your school



Yes, a degree from a prestigious university is a huge advantage for your resume, but in most cases, hiring managers do not look at your educational history, they look at your professional experience. Emphasize all your internships, summer jobs, and any other actual job experience you had in your resume. Make your professional experience extended and education section brief. Moreover, you have to put your education section below your employment history, so your potential employer will instantly see your work experience.


#5 Simple formatting

Some students think that they need a creative resume with an unusual layout, various pictures, and other unconventional stuff they came up with. However, they are really wrong. A good resume should be clean and readable, so a hiring manager would be able to quickly find all the necessary information about you. Nobody is going to carefully read your resume and that is exactly why you have to use simple formatting. There is no use of elaborated fonts and other decorations, just make some headings and sections, so your resume is readable and that is pretty much it. Let your content speak for itself, not the design.


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