5 Top US Companies That Help Employees To Pay Off Their Student Loans

3 years ago



To start with, student loan debt is steadily rising all the time. It already became the second largest finance problem in US. So how to live through it? In this post, the Typical Student team will help you!





Only in 2018, US ex-students owed more than $1.48 trillion in student loan debt. Take a look at the infographic above. That’s how student loan debt continues rising. Seeing that, we have prepared for you the list of 5 companies that offer student loan forgiveness to their workers.


#1 Penguin Random House

Hiring For: Creative Marketing Services Director, Full Time Warehouse Associates, V.P. of Facilities, SEO Executive, Customer Service Advisor & more.

Student loans forgiveness: up to $9,000


#2 Aetna





Hiring For: Business Program Manager, Case Management Coordinator, Engagement Specialist, Customer Service Representative, Senior Project Manager & more.

Student loans forgiveness: $10,000


#3 Live Nation

Hiring For: Director of Sponsorship Sales, Senior System and Business Analyst, Digital Planning & Strategy Planner, Special Events Intern, Assistant General Manager & more.

Student loans forgiveness: $6,000


#4 Fidelity Investments





Student loans forgiveness: up to $10,000

Hiring For: V.P. Wealth Management Adviser, Alternative Investment Representative, Portfolio Services Senior Manager, Vice President – Sales, Financial Consultant & more.


#5 Natixis

Hiring For: Bank Petroleum Reservoir Engineer, Investment Strategies Analyst, Junior Equity Trader, Data Scientist, Financial Controls and Compliance Supervisor & more.

Student loans forgiveness:  up to $10,000


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