Grandkids on Demand: 5 Apps That Connect Seniors & College Students

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In the world where people literally live online there is a really huge amount of apps. And we will not try to hide the fact that most of the students spend the whole days on their phones and can’t survive without their gadgets at least 10 minutes. However, there are some apps that are really helpful and useful. For instance, those applications that are aimed to help elderly people. In particular, these elderly companionship apps connect elderly people who need some help and students who are ready to provide it. Moreover, not only elderly people get some kind of profit from the caretaker apps, but students as well. The Typical Student team listed 5 apps that pair elderly people and college students.

#1 Papa 




Papa is a brand new app that calls itself “grandkids on demand”. Basically, the main goal of this application is to overcome the generation gap between elderly people and students. Besides, most of the senior people feel lonely and abandoned and Papa wants to help them by connecting them with college students. Apart from providing seniors with company, Papa is able to take elderly people to the grocery store or to doctor, teach them how to use modern gadgets, and help with household chores. Papa Pals (that’s how the students who help seniors are called) receive quite a nice pay, so this app has benefits not only for seniors but also for college students.

#2 Nesterly


Nesterly is another application aimed to connect different generations. Basically, what Nesterly does is connecting the representatives of the different age categories such as college students and elderly people or baby boomers and college students. The main distinctive feature of the Nesterly is that it helps seniors to find renters. So the main idea of this application is home sharing. Thus, while seniors can enjoy the company of college students, college students can enjoy low rental fees thanks to Nesterly.

#3 AARP Caregiving


AARP Caregiving is a new app that allows its users to check their symptoms and coordinate their health questions with other family members or caregivers. It keeps track of medications and appointments as well and has a help center for urgent questions.

#4 CareZone


CareZone is an app that helps seniors and caregivers to keep track of their medical information. The app can remind about the medication times and doctor’s appointments. Besides, CareZone shares news about an elderly person’s health status to their family or caregivers.

#5 Alzheimer's Caregiver Buddy


Alzheimer's Caregiver Buddy is an app developed by The Alzheimer's Association that helps family members or caregivers of a senior who suffers from dementia to organize their daily routine. The app also has useful tips for activities related to meal times and hygiene. Alzheimer's Caregiver Buddy offers some activities for those who live with Alzheimer that will stimulate their minds and bodies as well. Alzheimer's Caregiver Buddy app is available for free.

All these applications are extremely useful and helpful, since they really can improve the quality of the elderly people’s lives. Besides, some of the apps are useful for college students as well, because with their help students can earn some money. However, the most important feature of these apps is their ability to overcome the generation gap.

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