Attention Interns, Working for Trump Administration Can Ruin Your Sex Life!

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Thinking of a career in politics? Well, not in the Trump era, not in the D.C. Turns out, you have to think twice when taking up summer internships at the White House, for that could simply ruin your sex life! In the age of a dating apps looking for real love can be pretty tough. However, according to Politico, being a Washington, D.C. resident and a Trump supporter could make things A LOT worse!


The Typical Student team shares the key takeaways from the latest story published by Politico. The authors, Daniel Lippman and Ben Schreckinger, interviewed 30+ millennials, current or former White House employees. The interviews were mainly dedicated to the respondents’ personal lives and dating in D.C. area.


Sex Lives of Trump’s Staffers Are Falling Apart


A quote from the article sums it all up:  

One beleaguered 31-year-old female administration official described at length her "very, very frequent" scraps with her matches on dating apps. "You do the small talk thing, and you have a very good conversation, and then they might say, 'You didn’t vote for Trump, right?'" she says. "As soon as I say, 'Of course I did,' it just devolves into all-caps 'HOW COULD YOU BE SUCH A RACIST AND A BIGOT?' And 'You’re going to take away your own birth control.'

The Twitterverse, however, doesn’t find that a problem. Just by looking at the retweets, most Twitter users SIMPLY don’t care making fun of the White House interns’ ordeal! Just a few Twitteverse reactions:





Think about it at the time of choosing your political preferences and the future career path! The Typical Student team doesn’t want your personal life get jeopardized because of Mr. Trump.

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