8 BEST-Paying Jobs for Graduates in UK

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Take a look at our top eight best paying jobs in the UK to find out what degree you need to possess in order to get a job with the biggest paycheck.


1. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers


Median weekly earnings: £1,800.90


Pilots have the best paying jobs in the United Kingdom. Of course, their salaries may vary according to employer, experience and a type of the aircraft they fly.

In order to get this high-income job of a pilot, one needs to have good GCSE results in Math, English, Science, a second language and at least two good A-levels.

If you want to be qualified as a commercial pilot, you need to get a license that costs around £100,000 and build up 1,500 flying hours.


2. Chief Executives and Senior Officials



Median weekly earnings: £1,580.70


Vice-presidents, chief medical officers, civil servants are among chief executives.

They are also known as Managing Directors or CEOs. And these guys have high-income jobs.

To become chief executive, you will need to demonstrate years of relevant experience and a number of good business decisions.

MBA degree might help as well. However, there some famous CEOs like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who have never got their university degree.


3. Air Traffic Controllers



Median weekly earnings: £1,500.80


Air traffic controllers are on the list of good-paying jobs as they are responsible for flight planning and providing air traffic service assistance.

If you feel that coordinating thousands of flights a day is your cup of tea, you need to have five GCSEs, a valid air traffic controller’s license and pass the NATS vocational course where only 15 out of 3,000 are successful each year.


4. Marketing and Sales Directors


high-paid-jobs-uk-06Median weekly earnings: £1,341.70


Marketing and sales managers are also on the list of jobs with the highest income.

The marketing sector is highly competitive, so companies usually prefer to hire employees with a related university degree and years of experience.


5. Lawyers




Median weekly earnings: £1,293.60


Those who practice law for a living are among the people with the best paid jobs.

To become an attourney, advisor, or a counselor, firstly, you need to get a law degree or postgraduate diploma and then complete a legal practice course (LPC).


6. Doctors



Median weekly earnings: £1,192.80


If you want to be a medical practitioner (anesthetist, surgeon, GP or any other doctor), you need to obtain a medical degree recognized by the General Medical Council (5 years), compulsory foundation training program (2 years), core medical training (2 years) and either a specialty training (4-6 years) or a training as a GP (3 years).

If you are not scared of lifelong studying, feel like treating people is your mission and want to have one of the best paying jobs, then you should become a doctor!


7. Financial Brokers



Median weekly earnings: £1,149.90


Brokers manage the financial portfolio of their clients and give advice on investments. There are no formal academic requirements, however, an employer might expect you to possess a degree or equivalent qualification. Training is typically undertaken in-house.


8. Project Managers



Median weekly earnings: £940.90


And the last position in our top eight highest paying jobs takes project manager’s career.  Being a Project manager, you will need to plan, bid and budget campaigns and make sure they are completed on time and within budget. Having a degree like MBA might be helpful.


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