BEST Volunteer Jobs for International Students in USA for Summer Break 2018

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Whether you are looking to add to your resume, or push yourself outside of your comfort zone, volunteer jobs abroad can be a decision that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

If you're a student from outside the US who is looking for volunteer opportunities for teens or you're an American looking for volunteering in USA, this guide from Typical Student will help you figure out what sort of volunteer programs you can do based on your location.

#1 Teaching Projects



Volunteer teaching is perhaps the most popular and varied of all volunteer jobs abroad. From helping with ESL conversation classes and running math and science courses to teaching computer skills and other adult education courses, volunteer teaching abroad is far broader than just teaching a language to children. To a university student, teaching abroad can be a learning curve that generates greater confidence, independence and understanding. 



#2 Medical and Healthcare Projects

If you are passionate about helping people, you can dedicate your time volunteering in America. Benefits of volunteering for a medical group is the ability to gain valuable experience and learning opportunities, and can even count towards course credit or service hour requirements!



#3 Childcare Projects

If you care about kids and want to become an inspiring teacher or mentor to amazing children abroad then look no further.

Volunteers for Peace is a non-profit organization that provides volunteer opportunities for teens to strengthen their ability to communicate in diverse groups, explore grassroots leadership opportunities, and build cultural understanding and connections around the world.

Looking for a paid childcare jobs in US? Why not to become an Au Pair in the USA and earn up to $10,000 a year or spend a summer looking after kids at a Summer Camp in the USA?




#4 Environment and Conservation Projects

Would you like to do volunteering with animals? We've found several great volunteer programs in the USA that welcome volunteers to assist them with their animal care work.

Dogs for Deaf and Disabled Americans needs volunteers to walk and feed dogs, raise puppies and give presentations to organizations.

Marine Animal Rescue Society is dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals through rescue, rehabilitation, research and education.

Elephant Sanctuary Interns are awarded to students studying veterinary science, zoology, wildlife management, and related fields.


#5 Stewarding

Volunteers may join one of US Lacrosse tournaments throughout the summer season! All you need is the desire to have fun, the willingness to roll up your sleeves, and you'll get a front-row seat of the action at one of the nation's best-run tournaments.




#5 Restoration

Join Global Volunteers for one week in helping and understanding the Blackfeet culture as a volunteer. Your help is wanted to improve educational, recreational, and social aspects of life on the Blackfeet reservation. Volunteer jobs will involve: building and fixing playgrounds; Landscaping public areas; Organizing a library; Painting classrooms, etc.




Check the following websites to find out more about volunteer programs near you that will help you become an international volunteer:


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