Colombian Woman Who Trained to Be a Nun Becomes Adult Film Actress

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The story of Yudi Pineda is a proof of how one can have a 180-degree spin on their career. Just imagine, a woman who had trained for 8 years to be a nun in a convent made her decision to become a porn actress. The Typical Student team learned the details of former student’s career transformation.  


How to Join a Convent?



Source: LadBible


Yudi Pineda, from Ituango, Colombia, now devotes most of her time to making adult movies. In her interview to local news outlets, Yudi told that she was drawn to church at the age of 10, so she decided to join the convent and train to become a nun. According to her, she was 'very happy' there. However, everything changed when she 'fell in love' with her religious teacher as a teenager. Eventually, she had to quit the church and look for a job elsewhere.


Turning Nun Into Porn Star



Source: LadBible


Later, Yudi worked for Nestlé in Medellín, but the work didn’t suffice her. So, she didn’t refuse a chance of meeting with Juan Bustos who was recruiting for adult webcam models. As a result, she started thinking of a career change. After the casting call, Yudi was hired right there. She commented: "At first I was feeling bad. But now I am fine with it. I also feel good when I go to church. I never miss Friday prayers, Saturday meetings or Sunday mass."


To all the people who believe that being an adult actress is a poor career choice, Yudi says her job is 'decent and artistic'. She adds there is 'nothing bad about it'.

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