CPA Certification: 8 Effective Tips To Get Prepared For The Test

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Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification will qualify you as a great CPA in the fifty states, Washington, DC, and any other US territories. However, this exam is not easy at all and you have to work really hard in order to pass it. As a matter of fact, more people fail it than pass. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants reported that the CPA test passing rates in 2008 were: 49.1 percent for Audit, 47.49 percent for Business Environment and Concepts, 49.21 percent for Financial Accounting and Reporting, and 48.74 percent for Regulation. However, it’s actually possible to be among those lucky ones who passed the test. The Typical Student team will provide you with the ultimate tips and tricks on how to pass a CPA exam. 


1. Keep it fresh



Do your CPA preparation on a regular basis and repeat the material from time to time. Repetition is extremely important because you will definitely miss or forget some important details while studying. That is why you have to refresh the studied material all the time.


2. Get off social media




Nothing should disturb you while you are preparing for your CPA test. Even though you like listening to music or watching TV while studying, you have to turn it off, because it will distract you, despite the fact that you don’t notice it. The same applies to your social media accounts and text messages. So put your cell phone on airplane mode while you are preparing.


3. Listen to audio courses 





Download a CPA audio course and listen to it while driving, doing laundry, jogging, working out, or during your airplane flight. It’s not difficult at all and you’ll have 5-10 extra studying hours a week.


4. Chill 



You are not a robot and you cannot study 24/7. You need at least one day to chill and do something which is not connected with CPA preparation. Just have a day off from studying and you’ll see that it’s easier to study after a little rest.


5. Keep your priorities straight



When you really feel like you can’t do this anymore remind yourself why do you need to pass this exam. Encourage yourself a little bit and think of all the perks of having a CPA certificate.


6. Find out your learning style



If you remember the information better by reading then read if you need some illustrations then watch some video tutorials, if you remember the material while writing it down then make some notes. Just find out what learning style is best for you.


7. Manage your study time




Do not even hope that you’ll manage to prepare for your CPA test for two weeks. Even though it seems to be enough time to prepare and, moreover, it’s possible to prepare for such a short period of time, it’s better to start a little bit earlier. Manage your time and start preparing in advance in order to avoid extra stress.


8. Keep calm



You might be pretty nervous during the exam itself, but don’t be. Just keep calm, you are prepared and you’ll pass this test. Besides, nervous people are less attentive and make more mistakes.



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