DREAM Job for UK Students: 6 CHALLENGES Faced by Royal Nannies

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Royals always attract the attention of millions people all around the world. Their life is discussed in magazines, newspapers, and on TV and their style and hobbies are immediately copied by their admirers. So it’s not a surprise that lots of people want to have a closer look at their idols and actually there is a completely legal way to do that.

Royals usually have kids and due to their busy schedules they need someone to help them with their offsprings. That is why they hire nannies. However, what is it like to be a royal nanny and does it worth it? That’s what we are going to figure out. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about the downsides of being a private tutor in rich UK family. Now, we've listed 6 CHALLENGES royal nannies face at work.

#1 Having a college degree 


A person who just loves kids certainly cannot be a royal nanny. Royal nannies usually have Norland College degrees. So basically future nannies not only study how to take care of children, but also history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and literature. Besides, Roy nannies have to speak English perfectly, have unblemished biography, and be in good physical condition.

#2 Practice makes perfect


No nanny would be allowed to take care of a prince or a princess if she has no practical experience. That is why future nurses practice taking care of kids on electronic babies. A robotized baby behaves just like a real one and can wake up a nanny in the middle of the night asking for food or attention. And it’s obvious that no future nanny can ignore it and must comfort the baby.

#3 They are not just nannies, they are bodyguards as well


When it comes to taking care of the heirs to the throne safety is essential. That is why future nannies have self-defense lessons in order to know how to defend themselves and more important royal kids.

#4 Being a perfect driver


Taking care of kids involves driving them to school or to their private classes. And driving royal children anywhere is extremely responsible. That is why royal a nanny should not only have a driving license, but be a perfect driver as well.

#5 The royal family is a nanny’s only family 


Taking care of the royal kids takes a lot of time. Nannies spend the whole days with royal kids helping them in everything and have just a few days off. So not only being a nanny is extremely tiring, but time-consuming as well. That means that royal nurses are not able to spend time with their own kids if they have them and don’t have any time for their own families as well as personal live.

#6 They have to know how to keep secrets


It’s not a surprise that royal nannies know almost all dirty secrets about their employers’ private lives. However, no royal nanny would tell the tabloids so-called ‘shocking truth’ about the royal family. Royal nannies sign a contract that forbids them spreading any information about the royal family. That is why you probably wouldn’t find royal nannies’ interviews in press or their social media accounts.

So knowing all these facts about being a royal nanny, would you like to become one?

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