Expectation vs Reality: 9 GLAMOROUS Jobs That Are Not That Cool At All

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Dreaming about a perfect job most of the students don’t even realize some of its disadvantages. Of course, all the jobs have their benefits and drawbacks, and it is completely okay. However, there are glamorous jobs that can become a disappoitment, because they just aren’t as cool as most of the students think of them. Moreover, these glamorous jobs have even more unexpected disadvantages than a regular one. The Typical Student team has put together a list of 9 supposedly glamorous jobs and what they actually look like in real life. See our expectations vs. reality selection below!

#1 Personal assistant


Being a rich person’s assistant seems like a dream job and most of the students think that personal assistants just give their bosses some piece  of useful advice from time to time. However, personal assistants have truly stressful and sometimes even bizarre tasks like in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”.

#2 Flight attendant


Flying with an expensive airline as a flight attendant and getting paid for traveling all over the world sounds really glamorous. However, flight attendants should know how to deal with annoying passengers with a smile on their faces. Besides, flying sometimes can be really dangerous and all the flight attendants should know perfectly well how to keep calm in emergency situations and how to save their and their passengers’ lives.

#3 Personal chef


Being a wealthy and famous person’s chef is quite prestigious.  However, this job is extremely stressful and involves not only cooking, but clean-ups as well. Besides, cuts and burns will be always with you.

#4 Fashion model


If we talking about glamorous jobs we just can’t omit modeling. Of course, being a Victoria’s Secret Angel is perhaps every little (and not only) girl’s dream.  Fashion shows and photoshoots are always fascinating. However, just a few models become celebs, more than 90% of the models don’t even earn enough of money for living. Besides, models should look beautiful, skinny, and young, thus, this job can last just a few years.

#5 Archeologist


If you want to be like Indiana Jones than being a modern archeologist can really disappoint you. Archeologists don’t have any adventures, moreover, most of them had never excavated abroad.

#6 CIA officer

cia-officer-expectation-realityHollywood has created a perfect image of an CIA agent. But in reality CIA officers don’t have secret dangerous tasks every day. Most of the CIA employees just go through regular office work over and over again.

#7 FBI officer


Same goes for FBI agents, whose insane adventures have been demonstrated in TV shows. But in real life FBI employees have to do crazy amounts of paper work rather than to chase after a criminal.

#8 Yacht attendant


Getting paid for working on a luxurious yacht is pretty glamorous. However, yacht employees usually have to clean up the yacht and do all the dirty work. Moreover, the crew members’ living conditions can be really tough.

#9 Fashion designer

fashion-designer-expectation-realityCreating trendy clothes and organizing fashion shows is extremely glamorous. However, being a fashion designer is a hard and stressful job and most of them sleep only a couple hours a day before the fashion shows.

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