Hairdressers NEEDED in Australia: 6 BEST Summer Jobs for Graduates 2018

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Believe it or not, Australia is currently experiencing a shortfall in qualified specialists! The Australia Skill Shortage List 2018 published by Department of Jobs and Small Business suggests a bunch of professions are extremely in demand. The Typical Student team has told you about an investment of $323M to Turn 20 Australian Schools into 6 Super Schools: 5 Reasons Why They're So Special (+ INFOGRAPHIC).


What Are The Most In-Demand Professions in Australia?

The report provides key facts about national shortage, shortage in metropolitan and rural areas as well as recruitment difficulty. Over 40 areas are currently feeling short of professionals! College graduates with degrees in the below-listed professions can easily find part-time or full-time jobs. The hourly rates and annual salaries are stated according to Payscale and Indeed job search website.

1. Professionals


  • design, engineering, science and transport professionals
  • health professionals
  • legal, social and welfare professionals

Office jobs are highly-paid on average. For instance, the average pay for a graphic designer is AU$50,293 per year. Meanwhile, social workers in Australia have a median salary of AU$61,688 per year.

2. Technicians and trades workers


  • engineering, ICT and science technicians
  • automotive and engineering trades workers
  • construction trades workers

Technicians and trades workers vary in qualifications, so the difference between salaries is also significant. For instance, the median pay for a biological science laboratory technician is AU$50,884 per year. As for the wage for a construction worker is AU$24,45 per hour.

3. Electrotechnology and telecommunications trades workers


The telecommunication trades workers can expect to earn an average salary of AU$76,916 annually according to Payscale. A refrigeration mechanic earns an average wage of AU$28.74 per hour.

4. Food trades workers


Qualified bakers and pastry chefs can expect to get AU$58,000 – $68,000 in Sydney, while trainee pastry chef-baker can earn up to AU$20 – $25 per hour in Melbourne, Victoria.

5. Skilled animal and horticultural workers


The salary range largely depends on the area. For instance, a farmhand in Warren, NSW, can earn between AU$23 - 27 per hour. Meanwhile, a landcare facilitator can earn AU$70,000 - $89,000 for a yearly contract!

6. Hairdressers


The salary range depends on the area. In Melbourne, Victoria, hairdressers earn AU$25 – $35 per hour, while hairdresser colourist/stylist can earn AU$45,000 – $60,000 in Perth, Western Australia.

Good luck looking for a job this summer!

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