8 High-Paying Recreation & Office Jobs for College Students

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Summer is coming, so most college students are beginning to consider part-time jobs. The best thing about temporary summer employment is that it doesn’t require a diploma or degree. However, not everyone knows where to find these jobs. It’s worth checking student job portals like FlexJobs. Typical Student team has put together a list of student jobs to take up over the summer. Each of these jobs could pay double the federal minimum wage, the rates are referenced from PayScale. Check them out!



  • Summer camp program coordinator

Pay range: $9.30 — $18.45

Job description:

  • Assistance to camp directory/coordinators.
  • Planning and organizing summer classes for youth.
  • CPR certification and high school diploma/GED required.
  • College education preferred.
  • Part-time position.


  • Summer camp educator

Pay range: $9.16 — $18.68

Job description:

  • Curriculum development and kids’ activities creation.
  • High school diploma/GED and 1 year of experience required.
  • Full-time, temporary position.


  • Head lifeguard

Pay range: $8.33 — $16.72

Job description:

  • Training and supervision of the swimming facility staff.
  • Program implementation management.
  • Pool operation supervision.
  • Performing lifeguard and related duties.
  • High school diploma/GED and 3 years of experience required.
  • Part-time position.


  • Summer camp chef

Pay range: $8.56 — $15.06

Job description:

  • Menus development and cooking meals for campers.
  • High school diploma and at least 1 year of experience required.
  • Full-time, temporary, seasonal position.

Office Jobs


  • Web content specialist/writer

Pay range: $12.60 — $28.48

Job description:

  • Website content research and creation.
  • Taking photographs, when needed.
  • Writing/photography skills and work portfolio required.
  • Part-time, temporary.


  • Temporary office manager

Pay range: $11.02 — $20.83

Job description:

  • Schedule management, inventory oversight and safety compliance provision.
  • Computer proficiency and strong customer service skills required.
  • Full-time, temporary position.


  • Events assistant

Pay range: $9.83 — $19.80

Job description:

  • Event planning and hosting.
  • General administrative duties.
  • Experience required.
  • Full-time, temporary position.


  • Records clerk

Pay range: $10.66 — $17.47

Job description:

  • Assistance with record system management.
  • Electronic and paper documents review.
  • Working with vendors.
  • Strong communication skills required.
  • Temporary position.

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