How Girl in UK Can Get a Decent Profession for Less?

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Did you know, March 5-9 is the UK National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2018)? Sort of a national holiday, during this period both employers and apprentices from all over the UK will be celebrating the success of apprenticeships. Also, this week is meant to encourage more people to choose in favor of an apprenticeship as a step towards a great career.

The UK Government portal has announced the theme for the #NAW2018: ‘Apprenticeships Work’. The week has been established to demonstrate how apprenticeships work:

● for individuals

● for employers

● for the community

● for the wider economy

#NAW2018: Real-Life Examples of New Career Opportunities

It all looks great on paper, but how about real life? How exactly can apprenticeships help regular people to get a profession? One of the not-very-typical stories is about a girl who decided to become a car mechanic and never regretted her career choice. The story told by the Guardian, is extremely important on the eve of the International Women’s Day.

Bethan Jones always liked fiddling around the motorbikes and cars. She was studying for her A-levels to become a child psychologist, when realized this was not exactly what she wanted. So, Bethan decided to find a garage (workshop) to get the car fixing experience she was lacking. At the same time, she registered with an apprenticeship provider called Paragon Skills. This helped the girl earn decent wages while getting the much-needed professional skills and expertise.  

Being a mechanic is nice, however Bethan has a lot more in mind. Owing to her apprenticeship, she’s had a manager experience operating the workshop, dealing with drivers and contractors. Also, she’s tried her hand in recruitment while hiring another apprentice like herself. Lately, there is more and more opportunity for women to work in not traditionally female jobs. Thanks to the apprenticeships, they can have much broader career opportunities.

If you’re interested, get an apprenticeship guide and learn more about the #NAW2018 events you can participate in.

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