How Student Can Become The Youngest Partner in Silicon Valley at 22

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Cathy Tie published an impressing genomics research when she was a scholar. Soon Canadian student launched a perspective startup, dedicated to a genetic testing company. And now Cathy became the youngest partner in Silicon Valley. The Typical Student Team is going to tell you her story.

How Did Cathy’s Way Start?

When she was 4, Cathy moved from China to Toronto. Being gifted child, the girl went to the high school. She had a deep interest in chemistry and biology. "Doing research on my own outside of school became part of my identity," says Cathy.

When Did Everything Change?


During the sophomore year, Cathy Tie tried to get in touch with science professors from different universities. She wanted to share the research. It was about 2 protein cells in white blood cells and the way they protect immunity.

Finally, Cathy’s efforts were noticed by a professor from the University of Toronto’s immunology department. Those days Cathy was only 15 but she was accepted to continue the research.

From High School to The Lab

At the age of 16, Cathy’s got her research published in Canadian Scientists Journal and Genome research. She graduated in 2014 to enter the University of Toronto. Tie started studying bioinformatics.

When Cathy Got The Idea of Startup?


Doing the research into rare disease genes, Cathy decided to start a new company. She wanted to focus on genetic testing and its accuracy. The student united with Leo Wan. He knew the technical side and was a great company.

How Ramonica Started

The startup was called Ranomics. In 2015, it accepted nearly $100,000 in seed funding from IndieBio - biotechnology accelerator based in SF. Ranomics got office and lab. Also, there were over $2 million invested to Ranomica.

How VariantFind Started


2017, Cathy’s company started new business. It was called VariantFind and was made to help DNA libraries. The business was focused on synthetic biology and protein industries.

When Did Cathy Become SV Partner?

January 2018, Cathy moved to Silicon Valley. She became the youngest partner in SV, at that moment, Cathy was only 22.

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