Summer Jobs Guide for US Students 2018: How to Become a Barista in 3 Days!

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If you’re still looking for an effortless summer job that can help you earn extra bucks, here’s the deal. Why don’t you try your hand at being a barista? The average rate is about $9 per hour. Who knows, maybe the scent of coffee will make you change your mind in favor of becoming a full-time barista? The Typical Student team has prepared a quick guide to becoming a barista in less than a week!



Who Is Barista?


Despite ‘barista’ means ‘bartender’ in Italian, it isn’t the same thing. To become a full-blown barista, one must learn how to make different kinds of coffee, and make that in a creative way! In the US, a barista prepares and serves specialty coffee drinks.


As of late, the concept of a barista is getting the new meaning with the latest trend for ‘bikini barista’. The work is the same, but coffee is served in a bikini/underwear. Feeling the difference already?



Barista’s Work Schedule


Barista’s work environment may greatly differ - some baristas might work in independent coffee shops, others find employment in book stores, department stores, and other places.


The schedule is quite flexible, which makes the job appealing to students looking for part-time vacancies, but need to work in the day. During the week, a barista can have 2 full-time shifts, since the majority of coffee shops open up early in the morning, and close up in the evening.



Do I Need Credentials to Work as a Barista?


Most barista jobs don’t require any particular certifications or credentials. Most employers will require a GED or a high school diploma. Both high school students and graduates are fit for the job, however they should consider the work hours.


Believe it or not, the barista field is highly competitive, so if you want to make good money, you need to take professional coffee barista training courses.


Barista Courses in the United States

  1. Basic Level: full-day IBCA course that costs $295 in total, and gives an SCAE certification.
  2. Full-day course at Barista Foundation that costs $340 without the SCAE certification and $425 with the SCAE certification.
  3. Barista Intermediate Level: two-day course comes with an SCAE Certification and costs $775. However, to take this course, the student must already have cleared the SCAE/IBCA Barista Foundation Level course.
  4. Barista Professional Level: three-day IBCA Course, along with the SCAE certification, will cost $925.

If things are getting even more serious, consider coffee roasting classes to refine your barista skill set. Please mind, before taking a coffee roasting class, the student has to complete: the , and Green Coffee Foundation Level courses. These are quite expensive with a price range of $1,000 and higher.

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