This Indian School Has Given the World 4 CEOs of Major Corporations

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Whenever you hear about ‘elite education,’ what’s on your mind? The Ivy League? Oxford? MIT? True, the above-mentioned schools associate with high-quality education and better possibilities in life. However, these aren’t the only schools in the world whose graduates have become successful. Have you heard about Hyderabad Public School in India? It’s about time you had!

Hyderabad Public School: the CEOs Alma Mater

The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet (HPS, Begumpet) is a public school with private funding located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Founded in 1923, it used to be the school exclusively for the aristocrats and elites. As of today, the school lists CEOs of Microsoft, Adobe, and Mastercard among its graduates.

In his recent interview, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, has revealed that he wasn’t the only CEO to attend HPS. Among his fellow students were Shantanu Narayen, the CEO of Adobe, Ajay Banga, the CEO of Mastercard, and Wipro CEO TK Kurien. The city of Hyderabad has been the location of the Microsoft India headquarters since 1990. Largely to this fact, Hyderabad is the tech hub in the south of India.

Quick facts about Hyderabad:

  • The school’s aggregate size is over 152 acres.
  • 3,200 students are enrolled from PP1 to Class 12.
  • 155 faculty members are thoroughly selected.

The students of Hyderabad are involved in various extracurricular activities like playing sports, crafts and arts, etc. The school has a vast selection of sports facilities: 7 full-length football fields, a hockey field, 3 basketball courts, a cricket ground with its own stadium, tennis, volleyball and throwball courts, a 400 meter, 8 lane athletic track. In the HPS theater, students enact musicals.

Famous HPS Alumni Who Have Shaped India

Not only CEOs of world renown corporations are listed among the HPS graduates, the school has other famous alumni in several diverse fields. Here are just a few names:

  • Harsha Bhogle (Cricket commentator)
  • Nikhil Chinappa (MTV VJ)
  • Nagarjuna (Actor)
  • Vivek Oberoi (Actor)
  • Kiran Kumar Reddy (Former Andhra Chief Minister)
  • Asaduddin Owaisi (Hyderabad MP)
  • Diana Hayden (Miss World 1997).

Despite so many prominent Indian artists, politicians, and public figures have graduated from HPS, the school’s biggest achievement is giving the world 4 simultaneous corporation executives.

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