5 Most UNBELIEVABLE Jobs for Students in Summer 2018: Sleeping Professional, Ninja + 3 More

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It’s been awhile since our previous update on jobs for students, so we decided to prepare something special for you. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about the available summer job options for students. Check them out in the Best Summer Jobs Picks below. And now, to the WEIRDEST jobs you would never think exist.


#1 Professional Ninja



Looks like the city of Iga in Japan which happens to be the birthplace of the ninja, is now suffering from shortage of ninja population! Turns out, the city population of 100K people is rapidly decreasing, since young people (presumably, ninjas) are heading to cities! So, students, what’s in it for you?


Lately, Sally Herships reported Iga's ninja shortage on "Planet Money" podcast aired on NPR.  Herships said that “the pay is quite competitive.” Allegedly, ninjas can earn between $23,000 - $85,000! Still thinking whether to become a modern-day Naruto?


#2 Sleeping professional

Another vacancy in no less hilarious. Would you like to get paid to sleep? Then, don’t miss such an opportunity! Starting August, the UK-based Simba Sleep company is offering three people a chance to test-drive their new Hybrid mattress. But not for free! They will get £600 for their effort!

The “sleeping professionals” will have to sleep on the Hybrid mattress for a month, while their sleeping patterns are tracked. To apply for the job, check out Simba's job posting, make an offer and tell them the funniest sleep-related story from your personal experience. Good luck!


#3 Bridesmaid on demand


Professional bridesmaids are, of course, not actual bridesmaids. Their direct job responsibilities are to plan and organize a perfect wedding. The average salary of a bridesmaid can vary, but usually it’s up to $1000 a day.


#4 Waterslide tester




It’s a perfect job for those who love extreme, since tasting different waterslides might be a little scary and even dangerous. The average pay of a waterslide taster is around $31,000 for season.


#5 Seat filler




This one is probably the weirdest. Seat fillers’ major duty is to fill the empty seats during broadcasted awards ceremonies. The average pay of a seat filler is not high and very often they work for free, however, they have a great opportunity to take selfies with the celebs. Did you like these UNBELIEVABLE jobs? Would you apply for one of them?

Best Summer Jobs Picks

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Don't waste your time! Half of the summer is already gone!

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