Penguin Erector Job: Dreams of Thousands Scottish Students Shattered by Edinburgh Zoo

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Penguin erector, is it REALLY a job? Oh well, turns out it is! No secret, students love easy money. And, there could be a few lucky ones to enjoy the job, hadn’t one Scottish lad blabbered about it all over Twitter. 

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How a Viral Twitter Thread Can Mess Up a Job Offer

Shayla, the Twitter user from Alloa, started a thread in which she revealed the details of a WEIRD job offer. Turns out, an unnamed boy she had met in the pub told her he worked as a PENGUIN ERECTOR at the Edinburgh Zoo. That is, his job was to "pick up penguins who had fallen over while watching planes fly over." Sounds insane, right?


Source: @shalaylaa

Of course, the Twitterverse erupted with comments on how they were loving the job offer. And,  many would say that was "their dream job" and were dreaming of a career of a penguin erector for life. Alas, all the hopes were shattered when the zoo officials learned about the viral thread to "rubbish" the claims of Shayla’s pub acquaintance.

Here’s what Shayla tweeted: "Boy in the pub was telling me his job is a penguin erector so every time a plane flies over Edinburgh Zoo the penguins can’t take their eyes off it and end up falling over, and he just goes round picking them back up. 38 penguins 2000 flights a day."

Edinburgh Zoo Refutes the Job as a Fib

As for the Twitterverse reaction to Shayla’s story, it was HUGE: at the time of writing, her post garnered 730K+ likes and 163K+ retweets. Naturally, a heated discussion started over the credibility of Shayla’s story and the Edinburgh Zoo was tagged in the comments by numerous users. 

penguin-erector-job-edinburgh-zoo-01Source: @cortinadave

Finally, they replied as follows: "We’re sure this will come as a disappointment to many but there is no such position here at Edinburgh Zoo." Later they added: "It’s a very popular rumour, but penguins do not track planes as they fly overhead. Any clumsy penguin behaviour tends to be unrelated to aircraft."

penguin-erector-job-edinburgh-zoo-02Source: @clairesmith04

As a result, thousands were devastated learning the position "would never be available to them." Conclusion: never believe a drunk gossip! 

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