The Kardashians Offer UNPAID Internships for College Students, And They Look a Lot Like Slavery (REAL JOB POSTINGS INSIDE)

3 years ago



Have you ever dreamed of working for the Kardashians? Bet, a few years ago very few people would refrain from taking up an internship offered by the infamous family. Previously, the Typical Student team provided you with insights on working as a private tutor in rich UK family and  challenges faced by royal nannies. Now, we’ve taken it a step further. Check out REAL ads of internships offered by the Kardashians!


SHOCKING Internships Offered by The Kardashians


Mind you, these internships are UNPAID, and some people are saying these look a lot like slavery rather than a legitimate work. Internet users have slammed the Kardashians for offering internishps without any financial benefits but experience and college credit.



Source: BoredPanda



Source: Bored Panda


Source: Bored Panda


Still, some people were in doubt regarding the value of grocery shopping and dog walking experience.


REACTIONS To The Kardashians Internships Experiences


Internet users have shared their experiences of working for the Kardashians and they were far from pleasant. Some said, unpaid internships are illegal, others dubbed them as a form of slavery.



Source: Bored Panda


Others have shared their thoughts in comments and they weren't pleasant as well.







Source: Bored Panda


What do you think about the unpaid internships offered by the Kardashians? Would you try one yourself?

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