The Hypest Summer 2018 Job for Students: Fortnite Tutor for Up to $50 Per Hour

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Is ‘Fortnite’ creating employment now? If you’re a skilled player eager to share some of your skills with young padawans, you could now do that in exchange for money. The Typical Student team learned if the job is worth the trouble. Previously, we told you about eSports In US High Schools: 72% of Students to Make Video Gaming a Career. So, it's not a bad option after all!


As told by the Wall Street Journal, US parents are being forced by their kids to hire them a private tutor to enhance the ‘Fortnight’ gaming skills. Looks like playing with friends and classmates doesn’t suffice the kids any more.


How is the ‘Fortnite’ Craze Affecting the School Kids?




Ally Hicks, a mother of a 10-year-old son, was literally forced to buy 4 hour lessons for him to enhance his playing skills. According to Ms Hicks, the pressure to be apt at playing the game is SO REAL! Surprisingly, kids who aren’t very good at playing ‘Fortnite’ are laughed at by their friends.


For many kids the game has become a source of constant stress and pressure. Hopefully, the lessons will pay off for both kids and parents purchasing them. Nick Mennen whose 12-year-old son has taken the gaming lessons, says the results are already palpable. Nick’s son is now grabbing “10 to 20 wins from his private tutoring.”


The whole situation pops a bunch of questions like “Is constantly winning really good for the kids?” and “What do kids gain from it?”


What’s In It For Students?


All jokes aside, students who are skilled at playing ‘Fortnite’ could earn between $20 to $50 per hour! So, if you need a few extra bucks and there are kids in the neighborhood who are obsessed with becoming the best at ‘Fortnite’, don’t waste your time!

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