Summer Jobs 2018: Students Can Earn £4,160 Just by Instagramming Revision Notes

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Earning extra money on social media is ideal for most students. No need to leave home or look for a part-time job when you can earn a few extra pounds online. According to Instagram influencer app Takumi, spending mere two hours online can make you up to £4,160 annually, given you have around 1000 active followers on Instagram!


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So, what’s the catch?


Social media can become a lucrative business. However, it requires effort in nurturing your audience by responding to its needs and requests. The latest in-demand Insta trend among UK students is … instagramming revision notes and stationery.


According to, a second-year Law student attracted 52,000 followers only by posting revision note snaps on her studygram (an Instagram account strictly about studying). But not only revision notes are trending - students apparently love seeing gel pens, revision snacks, note cards and other cute stationery on their Insta feeds.


MOST Popular Studygrammers


@legallystudies Instagram account has plenty of things to feast one’s eyes upon, just look:




Make no mistake, Legallystudies doesn’t make money out of nothing. The channel’s author has featured giveaways and sponsored content in posts to make her Instagram account profitable.  Also, one of the directions to invest her effort in is making downloadable timetables and organiser bundles that can be purchased in Etsy shop.




Emma Studies (@emmastudiess), a third-year Communications student from Australia, is another adept of revision note money making on Instagram. Her account has amassed over 316K followers. Another example of the profitable trend is her fellow studygramer, an A-level student Emily Studies (@emily_studies) who now has over 124K followers.



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What’s the Reason Behind the Studygram Popularity?


Believe it or not, #studyinspo has been trending for quite some time simply because revision is boring, but eye-candy type notes make it look A LOT better. Well-structured notes and vibrant colours not only make the information more enjoyable but easier to digest and revise. It’s pure inspiration for revision, no matter what.


How to Become a Star of Studygram?


If you believe in the power of gel pens and highlighters, you can easily become a studygramer. Here are just a few necessities you might need:

  • Super neat handwriting and calligraphy skills. Remember: finding your own style will make you stand out among the others and find your audience quicker.
  • Posting consistently. Whether it’s a new highlighter you bought at a stationery around the corner, or a new colorful mind map you created - post without hesitation.
  • A few extra dollars / pounds to invest in colorful stationery all for the sake of making your studygram pop.
  • Having an eye for making catchy Instagram photos with clean lines, attractive color schemes and captions.
  • Basic knowledge of how to build a following and doing sponsored content.

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