7 TOP Summer Jobs for College Students In 2019

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Summer is the perfect time to make some extra money for college students. However, finding a decent summer job is quite a task. Luckily, we found some interesting and well-paid jobs, which college students will no doubt enjoy. The Typical Student team put together a list of 7 best summer jobs every college student will enjoy.


#1 Camp Counselor


Wage: $230 a week

A camp counselor is a pretty exciting and fun job for those college students who like spending time outdoors and play with children. Among counselors’ responsibilities might be teaching children about nature, playing with kids, and partaking in various outdoor activities. Despite the fact that the wage is quite low, this job is really exciting and fun, besides, housing and food are usually taken care of.


#2 Pet Sitter and Dog Walker



Wage: $14 an hour

This summer job is simply perfect for those college students who love animals. Basically, on this job your responsibilities will be walking the dogs and spending time with pets, which is really fun, isn’t it? You can apply for such a job using apps like Rover or Wag.


#3 Tutor



Wage: $18 per hour

Tutoring job, which is related to your degree, is not only quite a well-paid job for a college student but also a great chance to improve your résumé. You can easily find a tutoring job online and even work from home. It seems like it’s a dream job, isn’t it?


#4 Restaurant Server



Wage: $10 an hour plus tips

Restaurant server is perhaps a classic summer job for college students. So among your job responsibilities on this position will be greeting the customers, serving the meals, and cleaning the tables. This very job might be quite stressful, however, you can really make a decent amount of money over the summer working as a restaurant server.


#5 Retail Associate



Wage: $10 per hour

The retail associate is another classic summer job. Well, in this position, not surprisingly, your responsibilities will be selling the goods and dealing with customers. So if you are an easy-going person who can find the right approach to anyone, this job is perfect for you.


#6 Nanny or Babysitter 


Wage: $20 an hour

Nanny or babysitter is a great option for those college students who love kids and enjoy working with them. In general, among the job responsibilities of a nanny are taking care of kids, playing and studying with them, and any other things that parents will ask you to do for their kids. So nanny or babysitter is one of the best, and what is more important, well-paid summer jobs for college students.


#7 House Painter



Wage: $18.25 an hour

House painter is a great option for those college students who are fond of interior and exterior design and want to see how everything really works in this field as well as make some money. Despite the fact that this very job might be quite tough, it is a great way to earn some money over the summer.


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