Business Start-Up At Uni: How UK Student Won £1,000 and Created ‘Tinder’ for Stray Animals Adoption

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Dating apps are the new black, but have you ever heard about a matchmaking app for dog adoption? Created by a young student inventor, Jaye Graham, the Pawfect Match app is meant to help owners find their perfect pet. The app is using the swiping principle similar to Tinder.  The Typical Student team previously told you How to Earn £30 an Hour on Tinder? BEST Summer Job for UK Students 2018, now we're giving you an alternative!

Jaye Graham is a final-year Economics and Sociology student at the University of Kent, UK. She’s always been passionate for animal rescue, so eventually it turned into a business idea. The girl entered an entrepreneurship competition with her business idea back in 2016, and won £1,000 and mentorship to nurture her start-up.



How Does Pawfect Match Work?

The work principle of Pawfect Match is similar to many popular dating apps. If you’re interested – swipe right, if not - swipe left. The only difference is - instead of checking out a potential love interest, you're swiping for your prospective pet.

  • As reported by SaveTheStudent, rescue centres all across the UK can use an app to upload pictures of stray animals.
  • After that, users can search for animals by the characteristics suitable for their household’s needs.
  • Every animal will have specific characteristics indicated in the app, as well as every home will have its characteristics listed.
  • Similar to most dating apps, users will be able to set up their filters and choose an animal by their preferred age range, sex, size, family-friendliness, etc.  
  • As soon as the filters are set, users will only have to swipe through all dogs and cats matching the requirements. The right swipe is for those you like, and the left-swipe for those you don’t.  
  • Every animal profile will contain pictures, videos, and shelter location. they are based at.


The Journey of a Student Entrepreneur


Jaye was able to finance the creation of her app by winning investment through the Business Start-Up Journey competition. The young inventor applied for a seed fund from her university to kickstart her project. At the moment, the app matches people to cats and dogs, but Jaye intends to include other animals later on.


Ms. Graham believes that by simplifying the process of dog and cat adoption, she’ll help shelters increase the numbers of re-homed animals. Jaye’s story is truly an inspiration to other students thinking of starting their own business while at uni! The Pawfect Match app will launch in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, the app will help as many animals as possible to find their homes. To get in touch with Jaye Graham, you may visit her website, or check out her Facebook.

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