Wanna Earn £180,000 as Private Tutor in Rich UK Family? Prepare for the Downsides of the Profession

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Private tutoring can be an extremely lucrative niche given that the salary rates are in no comparison with those in public schools. According to the Guardian, about 10-25% of tutoring agency clients are super-rich families capable of paying between £50,000 - £70,000, or more, a year. However, the rates can go up to £180,000 depending on job peculiarities.

According to the Tutors’ Association estimates, British tuition industry is worth roughly £2B a year. In Britain, the majority of families hiring tutors are middle-class parents. Students receive extra lessons after school or at the weekend. Typically, students need assistance with their homework or grammar school entrance exams preparation.

What Are the Pitfalls of Private Tutoring?

If everything is well in terms of salary and all, why complain? Turns out, it’s not all butterflies and gumdrops. UK private tutors have shared a bunch of jaw-dropping and blood-chilling stories with the Guardian to prove you wrong. Formerly a tutor, now a director of a tutoring agency, Nathaniel Hannan, has a few experiences to share.

Mr. Hannah was once hired by the super-wealthy New York family had been confronted by his tutee brandishing an antique Colt six-shooter. Luckily, the tutor owned a revolver similar to the one pointed at him and saw that it was not fully cocked. The gun could not be fired by the tutee who, as it turned out, had serious mental health issues. A few weeks later, Mr. Hannah had to disarm the same boy trying to attack him with a knife.

Another unnamed tutor had to be removed from her placement in the western US after a tutee pulled a knife on her. The tutor agency had to sneak the teacher out of the property because the tutee’s parents didn’t think of knife threats as a problem.

Dirk Flower, a Harley Street psychologist, admits that tutors often find themselves in “families whose value systems undermine their efforts.” As an example of an extreme clash of values, he remembers a “a criminal family where the 13-year-old is walking around with a Kalashnikov because their father wants them to take over the empire.”

What Does It Take to Become a Private Tutor?

Becoming a private tutor requires high professionalism and an often an extraordinary skill set. A tutor is expected to assist the families where parents work too much they almost have no time for their kids. Make no mistake, the professionalism expected from a private tutor differs from the one required in a classroom. Mr. Hannan believes, establishing a sincere rapport with a child is extremely important. Very often, having someone willing to hold your hand by your side is a really positive thing.

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