Student Choice: 10 Best Canadian Schools to Attend in 2019

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To begin with, choosing the place you are going to visit every day is an important step for any student. There are lots of topics you should care about when making your final decision. To assist our readers, the Typical Student team prepared for you the list of top Canada’s schools by student satisfaction.

How Many Canadian Students Were Asked?

To create this post,  there were more than 23,000 university students asked. These boys and girls gave their opinions on professors and staff, residence life, and opportunities for extracurricular activities and experiential education. And here are the results!

What Are The Best Medical/Doctoral Canada’s Schools?

10-best-canadas-schools-to-attend-in-2019-1.jpgHere’s the list of the institutions and their ranks according to Canadian students.

  1. Sherbrooke,
  2. Queen's,
  3. Laval,
  4. McMaster,
  5. Montréal,
  6. Western,
  7. UBC,
  8. Alberta, 
  9. Saskatchewan, 
  10. Dalhousie.

What Are The Best Comprehensive Canada’s Schools?


  1. Wilfrid Laurier,
  2. Guelph,
  3. Brock, 
  4. Victoria,
  5. UQAM,
  6. Simon Fraser,
  7. Carleton,
  8. Concordia,
  9. Ryerson,
  10. Waterloo.

What Are The Best Primarily Undergraduate Canada’s Schools?


  1. Bishop's,
  2. Nipissing,
  3. Mount Allison,
  4. UNBC,
  5. Acadia,
  6. St. Francis Xavier,
  7. Trent,
  8. St. Thomas,
  9. Lethbridge.
  10. Mount Saint Vincent.

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