10 MOST Relatable Student Memes from Typical Student Community

3 years ago



Finally, it’s Saturday outside, which means that today the Typical Student team prepared for you some memes. All the images were taken from our official Facebook page. It’s up-to-date, so don’t miss Typical Student on social media. Just come and get your portion of hilarious memes, sarcastic pics, and student life stories.


And now it’s time to show you which student memes were extremely popular this week. Meet 10 top MOST liked and shared memes from Typical Student Facebook community!


#1 Avoiding plagiarism


Does it look familiar to you?


#2 Breakdowns


We all humans. Sometimes each of us faces a mental breakdown.



#3 1st semester VS last semester


#4 Always on your mind


There are some topics you can never forget about: war and peace, fathers and sons, students and loans…


#5 Is reading still sexy?


Looks like you are going to be the hottest one this year!


#6 Coffee sizes


In case you are going to attend university, keep in mind that sleep and coffee will be everything that you dream of.


#7 True or false?


The only way college degree will help you:



#8 1st school week VS 2nd school week


#9 At least you tried…


Remember that Moby song? Well, looks like it’s time to listen to it again.


#10 Exaggerations? No, dude!


When it comes to student life, there’s basically no exaggerations, isn’t it?


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