10+ MUST-HAVE Things In a College Student's Backpack

2 years ago



If you're not a college student yet, this list may come in handy. Brooke Miccio, a popular YouTube blogger who has a bunch of different vlogs about her college life, gives EXTREMELY useful tips & tricks for students. So, recently Brooke posted a video where she shares what she has in her college backpack. The Typical Student team has made a list of essentials Brooke recommends having in a student's backpack.

#1 A water bottle 



Brooke says that she really is a huge water drinker and that’s why she needs her water bottle to be filled while she is at classes.


#2 A wallet 

Brooke doesn’t leave the house without her wallet, because she literally has everything in there, including her allergy medicine.


#3 A planner




Having a planner is essential for Brooke, because she keeps the track of all the stuff she is supposed to do for college. 


#4 Notebooks 



Brooke says that she feels more engaged in the class when she makes some notes. She also adds that she is a huge handwriting fan.


#5 A calculator




There are some classes on which Brooke really needs it.


#6 Sunglasses

She always carries them just because they are very handy.


#7 A body balm




Brooke says that she has pretty dry skin and that is why she carries a body balm in her backpack.


#8 Highlighting pens 


Basically, she uses the highlighters while taking her notes at classes.


#9 A pencil case


Obviously, she keeps her pens in there.


#10 A laptop



Brooke carries around her laptop, as well as many other college students, because she needs it for her classes.


Some other staff


Brooke also has a phone charger, ear pods, more highlighters and pans, a correction tape, a chapstick, and a medicine kit in her college backpack. 


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