10 Things That Prevent College Progress In Student’s Life (INFOGRAPHIC)

3 years ago



There are so many things that were already told about student’s life. Obviously, no one promised you a rose garden when you decided to be a college student. However, there are a lot of things that impede a student’s progress. And here is what the Typical Student team is going to talk about!


Your Work





According to modern students, work is the first and the biggest reason that influences their studying progress. As it was stated by over 2, 100 students, work is the biggest challenge for them. 61% of these students say that the number of hours they worked didn’t leave them enough time to study. Nearly 50% claim that the wages didn’t cover their expenses. They also reported difficulty paying for living expenses, textbooks, tuition, and childcare.


Main Reasons





And what are the other reasons? To figure it out, check out this infographic out team prepared.



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