10 Things Student Should Do Before Submitting Their College Application

3 years ago



According to the statistics, the University of South Florida at St. Petersburg admitted over 700 applicants in recent days. However, more than 400 of them been revoked because the applications were sent out incorrectly due to a human error. Seeing that, today, the Typical Student team will tell you how to submit your college applications.





10 Things To Do Before Submitting Your College Application





  1. Check the college's website for updates
  2. Double check with your letter writers
  3. Send your test scores
  4. Proofread the entire application
  5. Ask someone else proofread your application
  6. Let your essays sit for a couple of days
  7. Show your essay to someone
  8. Apply well before the deadline
  9. Make sure you hit "submit"
  10. Look for a confirmation email

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