10 UK Universities With Highest Graduate Employment Rate

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Having a higher education does not necessarily mean that you’ll get a job. You might receive a degree and be unemployed for months after your graduation before you finally get your first job. As a matter of fact, a lot of post-grads all over the U.K. have some troubles finding their first job. That is why your university diploma plays a crucial role in getting your dream job. So you might be surprised when you find out that such prestigious universities as Oxford and Cambridge have quite a low graduate employment rate indeed.

So what is the graduate employment rate and why is it so important for getting a job?

Basically, the graduate employment rate is the percentage of the successfully employed graduates of a particular university. This rate is important for getting your dream job because a lot of employers value the graduates of certain universities, which, in their opinion, are good.

So what are those universities that have the highest graduate employment rate? The Typical Student team made a list of 10 British universities that have the highest percentage of the successfully employed graduates according to the QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

#1 The University of Huddersfield 





Graduate employment rate: 96.4%

The chance to find a job during your first year after graduation from this university is no less than 90%.


#2 Robert Gordon University 





Graduate employment rate: 89.9%

Graduates of this Scottish uni have really high chances to get their dream job as well.


#3 University of Aberdeen 





Graduate employment rate: 89.9%

The University of Aberdeen is another Scottish uni that provides its graduates with pretty good possibilities to find a job during their first year after graduation.


#4 Cardiff University 





Graduate employment rate: 88.9%

Cardiff University’s diploma gives its graduates a lot of advantages in the job market.


#5 University of Leeds




Graduate employment rate: 87.9%

The graduates of the University of Leeds usually become the target of the headhunters.


#6 University of East Anglia (UEA)





Graduate employment rate: 85.5%

There are a lot of competitive workers among this university’s graduates.


#7 Plymouth University 





Graduate employment rate: 85.5%

The University of Plymouth gives a vast variety of opportunities in the job market for its graduates.


#8 King’s College London 




Graduate employment rate: 82.7%

The King’s College is known for having a really high graduate employment rate.


#9 City University of London 





Graduate employment rate: 81.4%

This university’s graduates will never be unemployed.


#10 Swansea University 




Graduate employment rate: 81.4%

The graduates of the Swansea University always have good chances of getting their dream job.

So, as you can see, a lot of so-called prestigious and prospering universities such as Imperial College of London, Durham, and London School of Economics (LSE) were not even included into the list of the universities with the highest graduate employment rate. That is why you better think twice before entering a particular uni because your university diploma plays a critical role in your future employment and successful career. So good luck in entering the uni of your dream! 



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