12 Countries With EASIEST Student Visa Procedures

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Studying abroad is  by far the best experience you can have during your student years. You are not only going to have a diploma of a prestigious university, but gain a lot of valuable knowledge. However, getting a student visa is still an obstacle for some students. And getting your visa annulled can ruin your dreams of studying abroad. Exactly for this reason, the Typical Student team has put together a list of countries with the EASIEST student visa procedures. Check out the list of 12 countries where getting a student visa is not a problem at all.

#1 Canada 

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-01Canada is among those countries where getting a visa is a pretty simple procedure. Besides, there are plenty of prestigious universities all over the country. Not to mention the beautiful nature landscapes. Canadian universities help their international students to get a visa. Besides, your visa will allow you to work in Canada as well. And last but not least, you can bring you family with you.

#2 Germany 

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-03Getting a German student visa is not a problem at all. Besides, German universities will definitely help you to go through all the visa application issues. Moreover, German universities provide many grants and scholarships. 

#3 Ireland 

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-02Getting Irish visa is really simple, mostly because you can do it online. In addition to that your visa will allow you to work in Ireland as well. Besides, Ireland has a big variety of great universities.

#4 New Zealand 

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-05Getting visa to study in this truly marvelous country is quite simple. Moreover, if your course is less than 3 months, you don’t need a visa at all.

#5 Singapore countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-04

Studying in one of the world-class universities of this beautiful country is like a dream come true. And getting a visa is not a problem at all.

#6 Hong Kong

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-07Hong Kong has a vast variety of universities that provide courses in English. And the most interesting fact is that most of the visitors do not need a visa at all.

#7 Georgia 

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-06Georgia is a post-soviet country that quickly develops. That is why Georgian universities are considered to be really good. And you won’t have any problems with getting your visa.

#8 France 

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-09French universities offer a lot of grants and scholarships both for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Studying in this beautiful country will definitely be the best thing in your life. And of course, getting French student visa is not a big deal.

#9 Poland 


Poland is another European country that offers great and, the most important, cheap education for international students. Besides, getting a visa won’t be a problem.

#10 Spain

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-12Spain is a perfect place to learn Spanish and get your university degree. And it is needless to say that visa is not a problem.

#11 Italy

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-10Italian universities offer a huge variety of majors for international students. Besides, studying in this picturesque country is only a pleasure. Not to mention, that visa is no longer a problem.

#12 Austria

countries-with-easy-student-visa-procedure-11Austrian universities are old and prestigious and what is the most important they provide a lot of programs for international students. In addition, visa issues will not bother you.

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