14 PERFECT Christmas Gifts Every College Student Is Dreaming Of

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Christmas is coming and it’s the very time to buy Christmas gifts for all your relatives and friends. However, most college students just don’t know what their college fellows want for Christmas. So for those of you who haven’t decided yet what are you going to give your friends for Christmas, the Typical Student team made a list of 14 best Christmas gifts for college students.

#1 Wireless headphones 



Price: $239.95

Good wireless headphones are probably this very thing every college student wants. They will use them at the library, at the gym, or while traveling somewhere. This is definitely a gift every student will appreciate.


#2 Iced coffee maker 



Price: $19.97

Well, who doesn’t like iced coffee? And this thing would allow your friends to have a cup of iced coffee whenever they want it.


#3 A good card game 


Price: $25

Playing some ridiculous card games is a rather cool way to spend an evening with your roommates. So this is quite a good gift.


#4 Multipurpose backpack  



Price: $99.95

A backpack is a really useful thing because every student needs it for school as well as for internships.


#5 Fitness tracker 



Price: $128.96

This is literally the best Christmas gift ever for all the college students who do sports.


#6 iPad 



Price: $279.99

iPad is the very thing any Netflix lover would like to have – it’s small that makes it the best option for travels and it’s big enough for watching Netflix series. Moreover, this iPad can be used for college classes as well.


#7 Breakfast maker



Price: $23.43

This truly ingenious thing will save your college fellows a bunch of time and money. This is probably the most useful thing in our list.


#8 Homesick candle 



Price: $30

This homesick candle is a perfect gift for all the freshmen who always feel blue and want to go home.


#9 Hungover cookbook 




Price: $9

This book has all the necessary information about surviving the hungover as well as a plenty of comforting recipes. What else an average college student could possibly need?


#10 Planner for perfect time management



Price: $33

Everybody has that friend who doesn’t remember about his or her deadlines until they have already passed. So maybe a planner is the best Christmas gift for them.


#11 Instant coffee maker 



Price: $79.99

This is the thing that will literally save your college friend’s life in the morning.


#12 Microwave-safe ramen cooker 



Price: $5.99

This ramen cooker will be very handy during the stressful nights of the finals week.


#13 Super soft and cozy blanket 



Price: $25.99

Watching Netflix wrapped in this cozy blanket is the best way to relax after a stressful day at college.


#14 Gift cards



All right, this is perhaps the best Christmas gift for any college student. Almost all big companies from Starbucks to Amazon sell their gift cards, so depending on what your friends like you can give them an appropriate gift card. So a nice gift card is a perfect Christmas gift.

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