15 BEST Tech Jobs For Gen Z’ers

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Have you ever heard anything about the Gen Z? In case you’re unaware of this term, you might actually be a Gen Z’er.  Generation Z is a term which refers to people who were born as late as 2000. And is it really weird that those who were born in the 2000s are already entering the workforce or it’s just us?

Well, due to the peculiarities of the society the kids of the Gen Z were raised in, and mainly because of being surrounded by various technologies since the early childhood, those kids are real geeks. So it is not surprising at all that Gen Z kids are seeking some cool tech job positions now. And it’s not surprising as well that modern technological society has plenty of tech jobs for them.

So the Typical Student team put together a list of 15 best tech jobs for Gen Z’ers according to the Comparably.


#15 Customer service rep




Salary: $43,924

A customer service rep is a person who is responsible for consulting about any concerns or questions customers might have.

#14 Marketing associate




Salary: $50,185 A marketing associate works in a marketing team and promotes and advertises the business.

#13 Technical support manager




Salary: $50,306

A technical support manager runs the support team which is responsible for any technical issues a company has.

#12 Sales rep




Salary: $53,891

The sales reps are those people whose main job responsibility is to seek new clients and sell the company’s product.

#11 Account manager




Salary: $59,229

An account manager maintains the relationship between the client and the customer.

#10 Operations manager



Salary: $64,853

he operations manager’s responsibilities include managing common day-to-day operations and keeping track of the production system of a particular company.

#9 System administrator




Salary: $67,464

A system administrator, also known as SysAdmin, is a person responsible for the company’s computer systems and servers.


#8 Business analyst



best-tech-jobs-generation-z-09Salary: $69,367

A business analyst is in charge of the scrutinizing the company’s operations and defining what kind of changes and enhancements should be done.


#7 Financial analyst



Salary: $69,560

The financial analyst’s main job responsibility is to analyze the company’s financial systems and to assist the investments decisions of the company.


#6 UI/UX designer




Salary: $80,296

UI/UX designers are in charge of make user experience systems and user interface as well on their projects.

#5 DevOps engineer




Salary: $87,400

DevOps engineers are both IT workers and software engineers, so they basically work with coding and testing products.

#4 Developer




Salary: $93,987

The developer’s main job responsibility is coding or building a core product.

#3 Product manager




Salary: $95,266

A product manager is in charge of the team which is tasked with a particular project by the company.

#2 Data scientist




Salary: $96,115

A data scientist identifies trends, utilizes algorithms, and analyzes data.

#1 Mobile developer




Salary: $96,631

A mobile developer is in charge of creating the software for mobile services and apps for smartphones.

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