21 US Schools That Unexpectedly BANNED Mobiles and Other Communication Devices

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Without a doubt, mobiles matter and matter a lot. Any student needs it more than food or water. How can water save you during a boring class? It can’t when phones have been saving students for years! Remember we already told you about mobiles ban in French schools and other countries that surprisingly ban mobiles in schools? So, today the Typical Student team selected US schools, which have the same ban.




There’s Seymour High School, Connecticut, which banned mobiles in 2018. Last winter, the school already reported the positive results after the cells were forbidden. They say students finally show grades. Also, they are more focused in the classroom.




Wausau East High School, which is located in Wausau, Southeastern Wisconsin banned mobiles classrooms. It was made to improve the learning environment and social interaction.

Following Wausau East High School, other institution banned phones too. The list includes:

  • Germantown High School,
  • Menomonee High School,
  • School District of Waukesha,
  • Kenosha Unified School District,
  • Racine Unified School District,
  • Milwaukee Public Schools,
  • Pewaukee School District,
  • Mequon-Thiensville School District,
  • Whitefish Bay School District,
  • Portage High School,
  • and Nicolet High School.



Mansfield City Schools, Ohio, US banned cell phones for the same reasons. They do not allow using phones and other personal communication devices not only in the classroom! It also means that students can’t use a cell before and after school, at lunch and in between classes.




And what about Illinois? Here are the schools that already have mobiles ban:

  • Highland Middle School,
  • and Collinsville IL Middle School,

Other States

Among the other schools that ban mobiles use there are:

  • Farmington Middle School, Massachusetts,
  • Old Rochester Regional High School, Massachusetts,
  • Lakeview High School in Battle Creek  Michigan,
  • Lewiston Middle School Maine,
  • Corona Del Mar Middle School in Newport-Mesa Unified School District California.

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