25 Countries With The Highest Average IQ Score (INFOGRAPHIC)

3 years ago



Have you ever wondered what the locations with the highest IQ are? The thing is that it depends on the average statistics. You may be the smartest but it won’t influence others’ results. In this post, the Typical Student team prepared for you a fresh infographic showing 15 SMARTEST countries with the highest average IQ. Some of the points may surprise you.


Also, keep in mind that there are many countries that have the same average IQ scores! For example, Hungary, Poland, and Spain all showed 99 points. Let's get started!


What Are The Other Countries With High Average IQ?


To continue, let’s name 10 more places. They are:

  • Hungary, Poland, and Spain - 99
  • Australia, Denmark, France, Mongolia, Norway, and US - 98
  • Canada - 97.

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