5 DELICIOUS Classic Cocktails Every Student Can Make at Home

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There’s only one week left and autumn is here. You can’t stop the time but you can use the rest of is as a chance to chill. Don’t you think that successful studying is not possible without a nice rest? To make your future school year fruitful, the Typical Student team selected top 5 delicious cocktails.

They are easy-to-make, so you can make a few (of all the 5) drinks at home. Now, call your friends ASAP because today you are going to party!


#1 Screwdriver



Screwdriver is the simplest cocktail you can imagine. Originally, there should be orange juice but you can replace it with the one you prefer.


Glass: highball

Ingredients: orange juice (100ml) and vodka (50ml)

Decoration: slice of an orange


Pour your juice into the glass. Then add vodka and mix them using a straw or a screwdriver.


#2 White Russian


Talking about the easy-to-make cocktails it’s impossible to forget about Big Lebowski’s fav drink - White Russian.


Glass: old fashioned

Ingredients: coffee liqueur, (30ml) vodka, (30ml) and heavy cream

Decoration: Russians are too serious to use decorations


Fill the glass with ice and add the ingredients. You can try to layer it. Firstly, pour coffee liqueur, then alcohol and cream will be the last one. Anyway, don’t forget to stir well!


#3 Martini


Glass: martini glass

Ingredients: gin (50ml) and dry vermouth (10 ml)

Decoration: 1-3 olives or a lemon twist


Fill the shaker (or whatever you are going to use) with ice. Pour the ingredients on it and shake (or stir) them with ice until the container is chilled from the outside. Now put your cocktail into the serving glass without ice.


#4 Bloody Mary


Glass: highball

Ingredients: vodka, (45ml) tomato juice, (90ml) half of a lemon, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco, (a few drops) salt and pepper.

Decoration: celery, lemon, tomatos, etc.


Mix the ingredients. Squeeze the lemon (15 ml of juice), add spices and ice.


#5 Old Fashioned


Glass: old fashioned

Ingredients: whiskey or bourbon, (50ml) 1 cube or teaspoon of sugar, and angostura bitters (2-3 dashes)

Decoration: orange peel twist


Chill the glass and put sugar and bitters into it. Muddle them and add some water if needed. Then add alcohol and 2-3 ice cubes. Stir them up to 20 sec. Add more whiskey and a little more ice. Stir again to bring the drink down to the perfect temperature.

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