Weekly Selection of 5 MOST Liked Student Memes from Typical Student Community

3 years ago



Although summer 2018 is coming to its logical end, you still have some time to have fun before returning to the university. Are you ready to laugh right here and right now? Because the weekly selection of top 5 memes from Typical Student community is traditionally waiting for you!

Let us remind you that all the memes were taken from Typical Student Facebook page. Join it to see more relatable student posts and hilarious pics. Now, let’s get started.

#1 And who does?

Is this meme truthful enough to become your new profile pic?


#2 Are you surprised? Because we are definitely not


#3 Crying helps

This weird blue creature lives inside each of use. Doesn’t it?


#4 What would you do?


#5 Illegal schedule 

Time to time, each of us wants to found themselves in the house by the sea, screw everything up, and sit on the beach watching the sunsets but instead, you are just:


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