5 Tips To Become Better College Student In 2019

3 years ago



Being a student isn't all fun and games, as sometimes it requires effort and hard work. As we're already three months into 2019, it's time to re-evaluate the experiences you've had as a student so far and maybe to optimize your education process to make it more effective. The Typical Student team has put together a list of tips to help you become a better student in 2019, so check it out.


#1 Sit In The Front Row




Believe it or not, sitting in the front of the class can not only make you visible to the prof but actually improve your academic achievements. It's easier to hear what your classmates say and participate in the discussion when you're sitting in the front row than when you're sitting in the back. 


#2 Make Notes By Hand



It is well-known that information is remembered better when it's written by hand, not printed. At that, you're not getting distracted by technology. 


#3 Work Environment Is Crucial




Work environment can make one's productivity skyrocket, so it's important to carefully choose the place of study. Library or student center can be great options if your dorm doesn't provide you with enough concentration.



#4 Do Your Homework Assignments Regularly



The tasks you can come across in your homework assignments most likely will be featured in your exam sheet. Doing your homework regularly will help you study faster and get prepared for your exams without spending much time actually preparing.


#5 Care About Yourself



Caring about oneself doesn't necessarily mean salon procedures. What it actually means is not skipping meals, going to bed on time, engaging in some physical activity, drinking more water. Basically, everything that makes you feel better and fills you with positive energy will pass as self-care. So, why don't you try practicing this right away?


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