5 US Universities With The Highest Dropout Rate

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Even though you may have money for college education, it doesn’t mean that you will have a degree. It might or might not be a surprise for you, but in fact, more than half of the US students (mostly freshmen) are being dropped out of their universities. Today, the Typical Student team has a fresh rating for you!

Why students are being dropped out of their universities?

The American average freshmen retention rate is 71.2%. It is very high indeed since plenty of various factors can entice first-year students to drop out of college. As a matter of fact, students with a 2.2-3.0 GPA  are extremely likely to be dropped out of their college. Moreover, most of the students decide to leave their schools because they have to work and they have neither time nor desire for proper studying. Besides, according to the U.S. News & World Report, the major reasons why students take a sophomore year are academic struggles, loneliness, and family problems. 

So while some well-known US colleges like Yale or Columbia University have really high graduation rates indeed (99%), others have no mercy for their students and get rid of more than the half of the freshmen. So what are those US colleges that have the highest dropout rates? Here is our list of 5 US universities where most of the students don’t make it to the graduation.

University of Charleston

5-us-universities-with-highest-dropout-rate-1.jpgLocation: 2300 MacCorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV 25304, USA

Retention rate: 66%

The University of Charleston offers quite affordable tuition fees, moreover, Charleston is a really great city for students to live in. However, only 18% of freshmen at the University of Charleston can make it to the graduation. 

Southern New Hampshire University

5-us-universities-with-highest-dropout-rate-2.jpgLocation: 2500 N River Rd, Hooksett, NH 03106, USA

Retention rate: 61%

Because of its pricing policies (especially for those students who take a sophomore year), Southern New Hampshire University is known as Amazon of higher ed. So even though most of the freshmen are being dropped out of  SNHU, this college has a discount policy for those students who take their sophomore year.

Southeastern University

5-us-universities-with-highest-dropout-rate-3.jpgLocation: 1000 Longfellow Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33801, USA

Retention rate: 67%

Southeastern University has only 39% graduation rate. However, the low retention rate might be caused by a huge number of part-time students.

Brigham Young University – Idaho

5-us-universities-with-highest-dropout-rate-4.jpgLocation: 525 S Center St, Rexburg, ID 83460, USA

Retention rate: 68%

As a private university BYU-Idaho offers quite low tuition fees. As a matter of fact, around 60% of the Brigham Young University – Idaho students study part-time, which means that they work before graduation from college.

Southern Wesleyan University

5-us-universities-with-highest-dropout-rate-5.jpgLocation: 907 Wesleyan Dr, Central, SC 29630, USA

Retention rate: 69%

Southern Wesleyan University is a private Christian school that offers pretty affordable tuition fees. Moreover, SWU offers many online programs for undergrads. However, less than 15% of the Southern Wesleyan University’s students are first-time college applicants.

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