6 UK Universities Challenged About “Potentially Misleading Claims” In Their Ads

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UK universities have just received a warning over making "potentially misleading claims" in their ads. Allegedly, some UK unis are claiming to have a high status providing no evidence thereof. According to BBC News, the Which? Consumer group has revealed countless breaches in advertising standards. The Typical Student team decided to learn more about the situation.

Is White Lie Still a Lie?

Turns out, British Advertising Standards Authority already warned some of the UK universities to about the “unsubstantiated claims” in their ads. For instance, you can come across things like being in the top 1% in the world. No proof, though.

Still, some educational institutions are  "falling short" in their advertisement. Eventually, it all comes down to the quality of information students must get to make the best choice for their education.

Which UK Universities Have "Potentially Misleading" Ads?

There have been six universities challenged by the Which? Consumer Group over their marketing policies:

#1 Newcastle University

newcastle-universitySource: Logos Study Group

Newcastle University ads claimed it was “in the top 1% in the world.” When challenged about the claim, the university has taken down the ad admitting it was "not a particularly meaningful statistic".

#2 Aston University

aston-universitySource: Bridge

Aston University ads claimed it was "ranked within the top 35 universities in all university ranking tables". When challenged about the claim, the university has taken down the ad saying there was no intention to "confuse prospective students."

#3 Aberdeen University

aberdeen-universitySource: ausa.org.uk

Aberdeen University claimed it was "ranked consistently among the world's top universities". In response, the university referred to the league tables showing it is "highly ranked in the world." However, the reps said Aberdeen will "enhance" its website and “clarify the claim.”

#4 Heriot-Watt University

heriot-watt-universitySource: Uniserv Education

Heriot-Watt University refuted the claims about its status of a "world-leading university for pioneering research informed by the needs of business and industry".

#5 The University of the West of Scotland


Source: shabujglobal.com

The University of the West of Scotland has no intention to put down the ads claiming it’s in the "top 3% of universities worldwide." Even though it was ranked between 501st and 600th place in the Times Higher Education league table.

#6 The University of Ulster

university-of-ulsterSource: americanfriendsofulster.org

The University of Ulster reps believe the claim of being "in the top 2% of universities in the world” is not a ranking number, but rather refers s on the total number of higher education institutions worldwide, rather than the number ranked in each of the global rankings".

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