7 LIFE-SAVING Gadgets for Students to Start the Working Week Painlessly

3 years ago



We have already told you a lot about dorm shopping and provided helpful lists to guide you through this boring process. Today, the Typical Student team prepared something even better for the freshers! As you can see, this post is going to introduce you 7 extremely lifesaving tech accessories any student need to refine their college life. Let’s start the week in the right way!


#1 Glitter Phone Case


Price: $6,99

Without a doubt, during the tuition students need something cute and eye-pleasing to keep them from dozing off. To save you when a long lecture is coming, here’s a gorgeous phone case with impressing glitter effect.


#2 Ultra Protective Phone Case


Price: $16,66

Without a doubt, when you have a test or an exam, the last thing you should worry about is your phone. That’s why you should protect it rn!


#3 Google Home Mini


Price: $8,99

Let this cool thing become your home-based voice-activated assistant. Find anything, switch up your music, and perform other small tasks quickly!


#4 Smartwatch


Price: $19,99

In case you don’t have time to the gym, just personalize your time and activity with the help of smartwatch.


#5 Wemo Mini Smart Plug


Price: $29,97

Just use it to control the devices from the phone! The smart plug lets you schedule and sync when you turn on apps. Also, it works with Alexa and Google Home


#6 Portable Charger


Price: $10,99

What can be more tragic than a dying phone when you have a long class?


#7 Portable Speaker


Price: $19,90

Finally, here’s a great portable speaker, which can bring life to any party!



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