9 UK Universities With Biggest Marketing Spend

2 years ago



It's no secret, UK universities have a significant markteitng spend. But is all of that money going to cover students' needs? Previously, the Typical Student team told you how university vice-chancellors in UK earn up to £800k a year.  Now, the data revealed by the freedom of information requests suggests that UK universities spend thousands, if not millions of British pounds a year on marketing purposes! Let's find out which UK universities are the biggest spenders.

Biggest Spenders: Universities In England

Surprisingly enough, the biggest spenders among the UK universities belong to the lower and middle ranks of the UK league tables! Take a look at the list below to learn which universities in England were the biggest spenders in 2017-18 school year:



University of Central Lancashire - £3.4M

University of the West of England - £3M

University of Middlesex - £2.6M

University of Gloucestershire - £1.9M 

University of East London - £1.3M

Anglia Ruskin University - £1.19M

University of Bedfordshire - £1.08M


Biggest Spenders: Universities In Scotland



University of Strathclyde - £117,028 

Glasgow Caledonian University - £47,504


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