BACK-TO-SCHOOL CHECKLIST for College Students: What Things to Take to Dorm? Part 1 (INFOGRAPHIC)

3 years ago



Should you take these cosy slippers and plaid to dorm? Or should you leave them behind? Whether you’re a college freshman or experienced back-to-schooler, you may find this checklist useful. Grouped by categories, each card contains the essentials that will come in handy on a daily basis. The Typical Student team put together a list of back-to-school things students can't do without. See what things to take to university, and what not to take! 

#1 Important documents



Most likely, you won't be able to travel far from home if you forget your passport or driver's ID. Any other documents you must have on you when you're back to your dorm? See the checklist to ensure all is packed.

#2 Electronics


Thank goodness, we don't live in the middle ages, so it's hard to imagine a student's life at uni without electronic items. Still, it's possible you can forget someting while rushing back to the dorm. So, what are the must-take electrical items apart from your laptop and smartphone?

#3 Kitchen Items


Now, you may not be the next Jamie Oliver, but you still have to cook while at uni. Taking loads of kitchenware isn't necessary, but there are things on the list that can make your life easier.

#4 Bedroom Essentials



Having a good rest is important if you want to study well. Even if you don't you still need to have something to sleep on. Obviously, a basic set of bedroom essentials will be useful while staying in the dorm.

Obviously, these are not nearly all the things to take to dorm. Follow Typical Student to learn what other things will be useful while living away from home.

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